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About Savvy Script


I created this blog to provide information that I hope will be valuable or interesting to those who are interested in topics related to technical communications. I hope you’ll follow along and learn with me as I grapple with and explore trends related to tech comm. Oh, and I also intend to provide some useful tutorials and interesting tidbits along the way.

About Giang Nguyen


I’m a writer, freelancer, technology enthusiast, and lover of all things complex. Newly equipped with an MA in English literature, I soon realized that what motivated me to write papers with overbearing titles like “Compassionate Cultivation as a Method for Universal Inclusion in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” was my drive to map out and articulate complex systems or processes. A piece of literature, like any product or a system, is meant to serve a specific purpose (which often takes the form of a unique message) using the literary tools at its disposal. A piece of software or technical process also requires those who care enough to articulate them in a well-crafted language that doesn’t sound like gobbledygook.

I decided to start this blog after weeks of researching, learning, and essentially diving into this field out of my own personal and professional interest in the subject. Although I found a handful of blogs from other technical writers that were tremendously informative, there were few that were mainly geared to new tech writers. In addition to other topics, I will provide tutorials and explanations on particular tools and software as I learn them.


If you have any questions for me, or just want to drop a line, feel free to get in contact with me.

Giang Nguyen — / (613) 291-8268 / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

You can also send me a message via the Contact page.





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